University Archives & Records Management Services

Dorm Life, 1999. News Services, #40139.
The Order of Ghimghoul members, 1921. The Order of Ghimghoul, #40262.
Revolutionary Society flyer. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, #40124.
UNC Marching Band, ca. 1950. UNC-Chapel Hill Image Collection, #P0004.
Student Union, 2008. News Services, #40139.
Student streakers behind Undergraduate Library, 1974.
House Undergraduate Library, 1999. News Services, #40139.
UNIVAC 1105, ca.1960. Academic Technology and Networks Records, #40224.


University Archives and Records Management Services (UARMS) serve the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the administrative offices of the University of North Carolina System by providing records management services and by acting as the official archival repository for records generated by these entities.

University Archives collects, preserves, and provides access to the historically valuable, unpublished records of the institution. The records held in University Archives span from the chartering of the university in 1789 to the present.


Records Management Services assists campus offices and departments with their records management needs through records retention scheduling and support, trainings, consultations, and records transfer services.