Davis Library Scavenger Hunt

 An interactive introduction to the library

Purpose and objectives

The Davis Library Scavenger Hunt uses technology to introduce undergraduate students to the resources and services of Davis Library.

Students use Apple iPod Touches to complete tasks, including:

  • Searching the library’s catalog;
  • Locating print materials using a call number;
  • Using a library database to find articles; and,
  • Working with librarians at the reference desk.

About the Scavenger Hunt

Why should my class participate?

Davis Library can be an intimidating place. The Davis Library Scavenger Hunt challenges these perceptions with its collaborative, team-based approach to exploring the library. We want all undergraduate students to feel comfortable using the main library on campus!

Scavenger hunt: pre-assessment

We use pre- and post-surveys to gauge changes in students’ understanding and perceptions of the library’s resources and services.

We asked students in a pre-survey to list three words that come to mind when they think of Davis Library. Their responses are displayed in the word cloud with the larger text depicting the most frequent answers.

After students participated in the scavenger hunt, we asked them to share one thing they would tell a friend about Davis Library. Their responses demonstrated new facts they learned as a result of the hunt, as well as changes in their perception of the library.

“The librarians are really helpful.”

“There are lots of quiet, cool places to study.”

“That it is not as confusing as it seems, and the assistants are very nice.”

“It’s not as intimidating as it looks from the outside. It is fairly easy to find a book/resource in the stacks.”

Feedback from FYS Professors

“The scavenger hunt was a big hit. I feel confident that the students are well-equipped to dive into their experiences as scholars at UNC.” -Assistant Professor, Anthropology

“My students really liked it. I asked them to ‘vote’ for or against recommending this to other FYS groups, and the vote was unanimously in favor. They felt it was a good use of their time, and fun too. It lowered the barriers on entering Davis library, and made it a lot easier for us, instructors, to send our students fact- and interpretation-hunting.” – Professor, Political Science

How can my class be involved?

The Davis Library scavenger hunt is currently offered to First Year Seminar classes. There are a few additional spaces for non-First Year Seminar classes, so please contact us if you are interested!

To request a scavenger hunt for your class:

Librarian Contact:

Joanneke Elliott, Davis Library