Student Supervisors Handbook

Hiring Student Assistants

As the supervisor of a Student Assistant position, you have the option of advertising your vacancy on the Library’s Job Opportunities web page. You will need to use your Onyen and password. You can view your postings online.

Hiring Student Assistant Employees

Hiring a Student Assistant
Advertising for Student Assistant Jobs
Eligibility to work as a Student Assistant
Eligibility to work as an International Student: F1 and J1 Visas
Student Assistant Employment in Multiple Departments

Making a Selection
After you interview candidates, sign the bottom of the completed Student Assistant Employment Application to confer employment. Please be sure to include start date (no earlier than the completion of the initial paperwork), number of hours per week, and rate of pay. If the student is being paid on Non-State Funds, be sure to also include the account number for payment.

Getting Your Student on Payroll
Instruct the student to visit the Library Personnel Office to complete the necessary hiring paperwork. During this time, the student should bring with them the completed Student Assistant Employment Application (including supervisor signature, start date, hours per week and rate of pay). Your student employee must complete an application and the initial paperwork PRIOR to starting work.

Once hired, be sure to have your Student Assistant clock in and out in his or her TIM timecard for each shift worked. If there are any problems with the biweekly payment for your Student Assistant, or if you have any questions regarding student employment please contact the Library Personnel Office at 962-8027.

Employee Sign-Up Procedures

LPO Sign-Up for Student Assistants: New Hires
LPO Sign-Up for Student Assistants: International Students
LPO Sign-Up for Student Assistants: Extended Students
Extension Periods
LPO Sign-Up for Student Assistants: Rehire Students
Federal Work-Study

Payroll Information

Wage Information: Merit Increases/Special Project Rates
TIM Timecards and Summary Sheets
TIM Timecard Expectations
Late and Corrected TIM Timecards
Direct Deposit
W-2 Information
Stop Payments on Lost/Stolen Checks
Changing the Funding Source
Working a University Holiday


Orientation Checklist for Student Assistants
Workplace Safety Training
Accidents/Injuries on the Job
Termination of Student Assistant Employment
Termination Procedures
Frequently Asked Questions


University Library Student Assistant Brochure
Student Assistant Employment Application
Student Assistant Extension Form
List of Acceptable Documents for I-9
UNC Direct Deposit Authorization
Cancellation of Direct Deposit Authorization
Summary Sheet Template
Release of Employment Information Form