Forms, Policies & Procedures

Awards, Benefits, and Compensation

Spotlight Award Nomination Form
Star Heels Award Nomination Form
Worker’s Compensation, Employee Accident Report Form
Worker’s Compensation, Supervisor Accident Report Form
Worker’s Compensation, North Carolina Form 19
Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities for Pay
Secondary Employment Form
Employee’s NC State Withholding Allowance Certificate (NC-4 Form)
Employee’s Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4 Form)
Reclassification (competency level changes) of SPA positions


Vacation and Sick Leave FAQ
EPA Leave Record (2016)
SPA Leave Record (2016)
Shared Leave Application to Donate
Shared Leave Application to Receive
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Application

Performance Management

SPA Workplan
SPA Performance Review (Annual and Interim)
Librarian Ranking Chart
Librarian Notification of Review for Ranking
Structure for Librarian Ranking and Promotion
Reappointment Timeline for General Librarians
Reappointment Timeline for Assistants, Associates, and Librarians
EPA Performance Appraisal: Checklist
EPA Performance Appraisal: Job Duties Outline
EPA Performance Appraisal: Employee Self Assessment
EPA Performance Appraisal: Performance Appraisal Document

Recruitment and Orientation

Commonly Asked Interview Questions
New Employee Orientation Guide
Request for SPA recruitment
SPA Hiring Process
SPA Reference Check Form
SPA Non-Exempt Orientation Checklist
SPA Exempt Orientation Checklist
Search Committee Procedures
Reimbursement for Search Committee
EPA Orientation Checklist
EPA Credentials Verification Statement (AP2a Form)
Recommendation for EPA Personnel Action (AP2 Form)


Adverse Weather Policy
Media Policy

Resignation and Retirement

Resignation Information
Release of Employment Information

Student Supervisory Tools

Student Assistant Supervisor Handbook
Student Assistant Employment Application (.docx)
Student Assistant Employment Application (.pdf)
Student Assistant Extension Form
I-9 Handbook for Employers
I-9 List of Acceptable Documents

University Library Travel

Travel and Funding Guidelines
Travel and Funding Request Form
Travel Tips
Useful Travel Links

Volunteers and Unpaid Interns

University Policy on Volunteers, Unpaid Interns, and Visiting Scholars
Volunteer Request Form
Release for Unpaid Volunteers and Unpaid Interns