Student Assistant, GIFableUNC, House Undergraduate Library

Do you love to make things? Want to be part of a new + innovative + fun outreach program? Think GIFs are the perfect way to make a statement in under 10 seconds?

The House Undergraduate Library is looking for an enthusiastic student assistant to help support GIFableUNC, a GIF design contest that will be taking place here in the fall semester.

About the job
We are looking for someone to work ~80 hours total. The time would be spread throughout the fall semester, and we can schedule the work around your classes and other commitments. Pay rate is $12.50/hour. We’d like the person to start as soon as possible.

Job responsibilities
Depends based on the chosen applicant’s talents and skills, but could be any of the following:
•  Create and distribute promotional materials
•  Organize and staff outreach events
•  Teach students how to make GIFs
•  Create instructional materials for GIF-making
•  Manage contest entries and communicate with participants

What we’re looking for
•  Experience making GIFs, or an aptitude and desire to learn how to make GIFs.
•  Familiarity with design software, especially Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.
•  Interest in social media.
•  Enthusiasm for teaching and working with a diverse group of students and staff.
•  Attention to detail and good communication skills.
•  Applicants must be a currently enrolled student (or will be enrolled for Fall 2017).

About GIFableUNC
Funded by a UNC Libraries Innovation Grant, GIFableUNC will invite UNC students to
make GIFs that capture current student life, as well as explore our University Archives to
capture moments from Carolina’s past. The program aims to educate, promote, and
celebrate one of the newest and most vibrant forms of modern communication.

How to apply
Send your resume to by August 14. If you’ve made GIFs, send one of those as well (although it’s not required).

To apply, fill out the student assistant application, and contact: