Library Personnel Office

The Library Personnel Office at the University of North Carolina is responsible for managing the recruitment, hiring, and retention of library staff; coordinating programs for performance review, salary review, classification review, and promotion; overseeing management development and staff training activities; interpreting personnel policies and procedures; and counseling staff.

Tiffany Allen, Director of Library Human Resources, has primary responsibility for employee relations, the orientation program for new staff, and the Carolina Academic Library Associates program. She provides support for library employee recognition programs, library staff development and training opportunities, and represents the University Library in various forms. She serves on all search committees for professional positions and has responsibility for coordinating activities associated with librarians’ governance, such as elections and the process for achieving continuing appointment and promotion. She maintains a close working relationship with the other human resources professionals on campus and communicates regularly with the human resources offices at other major research libraries. She is also professionally active with service to committees and speaking and publishing on library human resources issues.

Beth Ramos, the LPO’s Human Resources Assistant, and Sonya Harris and Freda McClain, the LPO’s Human Resources Facilitators, administer the human resources program for librarians, support staff, temporary staff, research assistant, and student assistant positions. This includes recruitment and retention, classification and compensation, and management of the salary budget.

LPO staff handle personnel matters equitably, sensitively, and confidentially and we work to foster an inclusive, progressive, and satisfying workplace in the University Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.