General Collections Conservation Technician, Preservation Department

Position Title: University Library Technician – Journey
Working Title: General Collections Conservation Technician
Position Number: 00016897
Hiring Range: $31,191- $36,669
Closing Date: March 27, 2017

Position Description
The University Library’s Preservation Department is responsible for ensuring long-term access to scholarly resources and includes programs for preventing damage and loss of print and digital library collections, binding and preparing new materials for public use, repairing damaged materials, obtaining replacements, and making print and digital reproductions.

Principal duties of this position include: repairing damaged materials, binding new acquisitions, and constructing custom made enclosures for the Library’s general collections including Davis Library, the Library Storage Center, the Health Sciences Library, the Undergraduate Library, and six branch libraries; recruiting, training, and supervising student assistants; using the library catalog and spreadsheets to organize materials and prepare department reports; participating in library wide training, outreach, and disaster recovery efforts; and assisting with work throughout the department as assigned.

Minimum Education and Experience
High school diploma or equivalency and two years of experience in library services, office support, or related field; or equivalent combination of training and experience.

Essential Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
Must have excellent manual dexterity, communication skills, attention to detail and organization. This position requires ability to follow and learn from spoken directions and hands-on demonstrations as well as written instructions.

Must be challenged and engaged by a high production environment, have the ability to perform detailed and precise work patiently, and be able to make decisions independently based on multiple factors.

Preferred Qualifications
Bachelor’s degree. Supervisory, Millennium library catalog, bookbinding, conservation or crafts experience can be helpful, but is not required; on-the-job training will be provided. Seeking an energetic, efficient, and organized person with strong critical thinking skills who is interested in hands-on work and appreciates the goal of preserving library resources.

Special Physical and Mental Requirements
Ability to move 40 pound boxes, safely operate heavy-duty board shears, stapler, and a variety of precision hand tools; and manual dexterity.

Special Instructions
During interviews for this position the interviewer will demonstrate some entry-level binding skills and ask the applicant to repeat them.

Work Schedule
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

To Apply
To apply for permanent staff (SHRA) positions, please visit the Office of Human Resources Careers at Carolina website. For more information on application procedures, applicants may contact:

Office of Human Resources
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
104 Airport Drive CB #1045
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 843-2300

An Equal Opportunity Employer

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