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What story can you tell in 10 seconds or less?

GIFABLE UNC is UNC’s first GIF contest!

September 21 – November 30

Whether you’re new to GIF-creation or seasoned GIFer, it’s easy to capture your unique UNC story in a GIF.

GIF able UNC

Five easy steps to GIF glory:

Step 1 CaptureTake pictures and video of current campus life or find media from UNC’s history.

Choose a Category: UNC History or UNC 2017


UNC History

Use images and video from the the University Archives (old yearbooks, photos, DTH images, etc.) to capture the history of Carolina. Read UNC History category rules.

GIF of R.B.House, Frank Porter Graham, and Bill Friday.

UNC 2017

Use images and video that you take to record current campus life and students. Tell the story of what life’s like at UNC today. Read UNC 2017 category rules.

Ramses shaking water off his fur GIF. Caption Shake It Off

Step 2 - CreateAnimate your media to tell your story!

We’ve got everything you need to learn to make amazing GIFs — tips, tools, and inspiration. Your GIF must be less than 10 seconds long, in GIF file format (.gif), and under 10MB in size.

Step 3 - EnterSubmit your GIF through the GIFABLE entry form.

On our submission form, we will require a short description of the GIF, as well as brief information about where you got your media. Share it on your social media with #GIFUNC! Please note that tweeting your GIF to us will not enter you into the contest. You must submit your GIF through the form.


Step 4 - VoteVote your GIF to glory!

Tell your friends, your mom, your professors to vote for your GIF in the GIFABLE gallery. Voting is open now! One People’s Choice Award will be given to the GIF receiving the most votes in our gallery.

Step 5 - WinWin a Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Fujifilm Instax MiniThree cameras (+ starter film and carrying case) will be awarded. Besides the People’s Choice award, we will convene a committee of cool cats to choose the best GIF in each category (UNC History and UNC 2017). Faculty or staff interested in voting on a GIF committee? Contact us.

Have Questions?!

You can contact us on Twitter and Facebook @RBHouseUL or send us a message.


The GIFABLE UNC project was created to encourage design and digital literacy skills and to assist students in telling, documenting, and sharing Carolina stories. GIFs, animated looping images, are a booming and evolving medium suited for sharing reactions, emotions, humor, art, and stories on digital platforms. GIFABLE UNC was created in partnership with the R.B. House Undergraduate Library, University Archives, and the Carolina Digital Humanities Initiative. We thank the University Libraries for the grant that made this project possible.

The Fine Print (aka the Rules)

  • All participants must be currently enrolled students at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  • If your GIF includes both historical and present-day content, you must choose a category to submit your GIF in.
  • You may enter as many GIFs as you like. Multiple prizes will not be awarded to the same individual.
  • The winning GIFs will be shared widely on the library’s website and social media accounts.
  • All entries must be less than 10 seconds long, in GIF file format (.gif), and 10MB or under in size.

For GIFs entered into the UNC History category:

  • In choosing media, you must obey all copyright laws. If using the media provided by University Archives, you don’t have to worry about this. If you use other media, you must determine that the media is in the public domain or labeled for reuse, or obtain written permission from the creator to use their media.
  • Please keep it clean and classy. We reserve the right to not share GIFs that do not represent the Carolina Way. 

For GIFs entered into the UNC 2017 category:

  • All media (video and images) must have been taken by you. If taken by another individual, you must get permission from the creator to use their media in your GIF.
  • You must obtain permission from each individual who appears in your GIF (excluding large crowds).
  • Please keep it clean and classy. We reserve the right to not share GIFs that do not represent the Carolina Way. 

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