North Carolina Women Artists Archive

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The North Carolina Women Artists Archives, on deposit at the Sloane Art Library, is a collection of material about women artists working in the state from ca. 1900 to 1950. The material was compiled by Caroline Mesrobian Hickman for the North Carolina Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in connection with an exhibition, “Nine from North Carolina,” held at the Museum in 1989. About 80 artists are represented in the Archives, which are available for use in the library.



Albers, Anni


Beall, Mary T.

Benton, Joy Kime

Blakeslee, Sarah (Speight)

Bogart, Harriet

Bokkelen, Miss van

Booker, Nell

Braswell, Calley O’Kelly

Bryant, Rebecca

Burke, Selma

Burwell, Mrs. Lewis C.

Busbee, Juliana Royster


Chant, Elisabeth Augusta

Clarke, Ruth Abbott

Cook, Mildred Taylor

Crawford, Margaret

Crowe, Amanda

Cullis, Irene


Daingerfield, Marjorie

Davis, Eleanor

Davis, Lena Bullock

Davis, Margaret Williams

Degener, Faustina

Dodge, Peggy


Evans, Minnie


Fonville, Jean Lane

Foushee, Ola Maie


Graham, Margaret Nowell

Graves, Nellie

Gray, Mary


Hamilton, Virginia

Harwell, Edith

Heidrick, Madeleine

Henderson, Isabelle Bowen

Hook, Rosalie

Hooper, Annie

Hughes, Ethel

Hughes, Mary Duffy


Johnson, Lucia

Jones, Helen Lockie, and Family


Kortheuer, Katheryn

Kron, Adelaide

Kron, Elizabeth


Lane, Helen MacMillan

Leighton, Clare

Lippitt, Margaret Walthour

Lynch, Mary Pascard

Lyons, Elizabeth Reeves


Mack, Elizabeth Hamrick

McClure, Sue

Manasse, Marianna

Mason, Mary Anne

Moore, Ruth Huntington

Morley, Margaret Warner

Morris, Katherine

Munch, Margaret


Nash, Mary Arnold


Paschal, Primrose

Poteat, Ida Isabella

Price, Irene

Pugh, Mabel

Purefoy, Heslope


Rees, Mary Graves

Rembert, Jenny


Selden, Wautell

Shewmake, Mitzi

Simons, Jean Patterson

Shaw, Ruth Faison

Smith, Edith Branson

Speight, Julie

Strawn, Martha

Sutherland, Beth

Syverson, Gilda Morena


Tannahill, Mary

Teal, Monika

Thomas, Florence

Thomas, Mary Leath

Thompson, Rosie G.

Thrush, Helen

Tillery, Mary

Toplikar, Susan

Toy, Sarah Everett Lee

Triplett, Kathy

Turlington, Patricia

Tuttle, Lena Alice


Vaughan, Caroline Hickman

Vitezy, Elizabeth

Vogel, Katherine E.


Wall, Jayne Davis

Webb, Katherine Wolf

West, Bernice

Willard, Bessie

Williams, Cordelia

Williams, Ethel

Williams, Jane Iredell Meares

Williams, Martha Grove

Williams, Mary Lyde Hicks

Woodson, Anne

Wootten, Bayard

Wright-Frierson, Virginia


Zahorec, Ellen

Zotto, Mary Ann

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